Friday, 18 May 2018

Latest News from The Express June 2018

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Hello Blogger, I hope all is good in your hood!!

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

 Me, I’ve been taking it easy laying a few tracks down in the studio and doing the domestics around the Keep, keeping up with the extensive lawns etc. which =’s
… like the other day bagging a couple of Banana bunches that are looking like worth saving.

I don’t know if you have bagged a few lately so… if you have the time … I’ll explain.
I know they’re there, way up there un- attacked in the tree, well technically they’re not a tree but that’ll do for now. They are not very climbable specimens  unless you are blessed with a host of Chimpanzee qualities. … So ..

I go get my trusty Tonker Toy for grown ups 4 Wheel drive tractor, which has a front-end loader bucket, and head down to the patch.

Facing up to the bunch which is way up so, I lift the bucket up just under the yellow gold which is still green at this stage, and do the clamber climb up into the bucket where I miraculously fined a Rodent Proof cage –(prepared earlier like one of those cooking shows)

I cut off the spent flower at the bottom of the bunch and then slide the cage up over it fixing it at the top around the stem with those little wire clamps, which have the charming quality of…. “Don’t - Don’t please don’t separate us I want to bring my friends”- just like a barrel of Monkeys. This slows you down getting rid of those hangers on..... (You're  the bouncer at the door)

This then is all done without a net – not on ice but with a parachute .....(imaginary)

So tune in Precisely Approximately when- ever for > “ The Tales of Kevin in Heaven”

Yes we’re hitting the “Again”with the Wonderful Jon Carson Drums & Chris Gilbert bass's,
doing a weekend of shows @

Panthers Club Port Macquarie Friday 1st of June

Tanilba Bay RSL Saturday 2nd of June

Lake Illawarra Hotel" in Windang. – Just South of Wollongong

Shows on the horizon -

The German Club Adelaide  -14th of July
(Poss another show in SA on 15th – tbc)

Darwin Blues Festival  - Saturday 21st of July

The Royal Yacht Club Wynnum Brisbane  -Friday 17th August –Afternoon Blues Barbie

The Gympie muster 25 & 26th August.

Well I hope to see & Entertain you with a Fix of “FunkinRockinBlues”
At one or two of these shows – please spread the word + bring a crew!!!!!!!!

You can also keep unto date with bands in town app which only notifies you when I am in your local region, Its a very cool app 

Cheers n love Kevin

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