Friday, 2 August 2019

Kevin Borich News 2nd August 2019

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Hello Blogger, hope your having a great day.

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

I hope all is well.

A quick note as we’re about to board a plane that’ll take us on our long time coming holiday to the UK and Europe. It was planned years ago but feels like it was just yesterday’s decision as time flies

Regarding my album in the making,  the latest addition to the fold is lovely Suze DeMachi recording a rousing high octane vocal on my song “Wrapped in Rock” done in a tag team mix. Thanks to her willingness to take part we have another great track to add to the collection so far setting the bar high again.
The other Great news is my amazing wife Melissa has just released a 3 month online  programme for women, of all  ages. A labour of love and compiled over her many years of teaching Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. Suitable for the beginner to the experienced. If you are keen,  take a look at the link attached you don’t know how good it is unless you give it  a try!

When we get back my first show will be at The George Harcourt Inn which is the Red White Amber & Blues 2 day festival Featuring Chain Russell Morris Bondi Cigars and many more, Book at

Then is Noosa Surf Club on the 2nd of November  where we do two sets, spread the word for us.

Then on November 30th its my famously loved Sydney Harbour Cruise where we play for you as we choof around the Best Harbour in the World taking in all the iconic sights at night… Wonderful.

Round up your crew and Get you tickets >

Well its time to board so I hope to see you at one of these shows !!!

All the Best and take Care.

Cheers n Love Kevin

Borich X Borich + Brus Double CD and DVD combined     AUD40.00

My Son Lucius had some time off from touring with the Band COG, so we thought it would be great to do a show together, with our old friend Harry Brus on Bass at Sydney’s Basement Club.

Lucius has grown up hearing my songs, so it was easy to get together and have a blast with a lot of musician friends there to witness it – thanks guys! [Look out for Rose Tattoo lads Angry Anderson's head and Mick Cox's nose in the shadows]

Unbeknown to me, Clayton Doley was there playing with Alien Zoo, opening the night – so I invited him to Jam - we quickly talked through a couple of songs -- and he was fantastic! – as Doley’s are!!

THEN ! Another complete surprise to me was Leo Sayer getting up with us. Harry plays with Leo and invited him up on stage. What a great way to meet a great artist!! I hope you enjoy the show – We sure did!! Love n Cheers Kevin

Womens and Girls Summer Tops     AUD25.00

Summer Borich fashion as worn by the stars at Cannes Film Festival | Contact | Join KB's Facebook

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

June News 2019 from The Express

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Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

Hello Blogger, Well it’s time to get your Tickets for my annual Sydney Harbour Cruise for Saturday 30th of November 2019!!!

I’ve been doing them for over 18 years now or there about’s, and they always pack out with people religiously coming back each year because the valued experience of a night out on the Best Harbour in the world, where you can witness the amazing vista while we venture to all of the best sights and iconic places eg... the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge etc. and all from different angles so you’ll be shooting  off photo’s at a great rate.

And of course, all to the soundtrack of “FunkingRockingblues” provided by me and my Kevin Borich Express

We play two sets, the first 1 hour is acoustic that starts low key and builds to an up tempo energy, I call it “The foreplay set!!”  After a 20 minute break for a drink  plus me selling my mercho of CD’s DVD’s + T shirt’s, signing them and chatting to those who’d like, we venture into the Electric set that ends up turbo charged to the end with everyone wrapped in Rock n Funkin' Blues having a ball.

We’ll be playing some  new songs for you to see if you like them Plus older favourites which is a must do.

There is only finger food provided so don’t come on empty if you’re going to drink, a full Bar is on board and the house rule is no BYO.

So round up some friends and make it a party for your own crew, and by all means, spread the word, shout it out and prepare to Rock-Socks in more ways than one.

I’ll see you smiling on Board for extreme Fun!!

Cheers n Love Kevin

Here is the link to purchase the Tickets > Click Me For Tickets

Rock And Roll Sandwich     AUD25.00

This was Kevin's first LP as a three piece band - under the La-De-Da’s brand and has been remastered and self released to all his fans via this website only.

Womens and Girls Summer Tops     AUD25.00

Summer Borich fashion as worn by the stars at Cannes Film Festival | Contact | Join KB's Facebook

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Added Kevin Borich news 9/5/19

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Hello Blogger, hope your having a great day.

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

Just a short note to connect, and yes, to put a smile on your face.
Go on... give me one .. ya!! – see, you feel better already.

Things have been a bit slow gig wise, so I've been doing a lot of heave-Hoe work around the house, keeping the bush at bay. it’s always creeping in on us so I have to grab my trusty “Farm Boss” chain saw and repel the intruders to keep the firebreak clear.
Clearing the first veggie patch I made years back was a 3 day affair, being totally overgrown and what a workout it was. My medals for a great job were two ticks, one behind my ear,  the other in my bum.
Being home alone that day, I came up with a new Yoga position to kill that bugger’er  with that trusty “Tick Off” medi Freeze applicator & a pair of tweezers.
So, standing naked, right leg up on the bath edge, magnifying mirror in left hand ,da Freeze bomb in the other, I spied him, arse up enjoying a feast at my expense.
You know,….-  when you are being guided by looking into a mirror, is so like backing a trailer. Kind’a like you have to ignore the logical and do the opposite.
Three squirts of the Bomb and he was in Antarctica, and out via tweezer bouncer.
I’m still a bit deaf…er from the swelling of the other bugger who was feasting behind  my right ear. Last night while recording in the studio the right side of my head phone’s were much quieter than usual.
We have 15 new songs in the bake and I’m very pleased with their outcomes.
Nick my Producer & Logic wiz are enjoying ourselves + having Jon  Carson (drums), Chris  Gilbert (Bass) come and play, as well as Lucius Borich (Drums) & Paris McCloud (Piano), we have a real sonic feast in the waiting for you.
So Bye for now.
Cheers n Love Kevin
Shows Coming Up :
May 18th Blues on Broadbeach -Sofitel Room 81-12pm start – a great closeup atmosphere
May 19th Blues on Broadbeach Main stage 3pm
May 25th Beers Beef & Blues – Belmont NSW
June 2nd  HOT FEST Big Bill with Swanne +The Gov. Hindmarsh Adelaide S.A.
June 8th HOT FEST  Bridge Hotel Big Bill with Swanne Sydney
June 15th HOTFEST  with Swanne The Shoppingtown Hotel Doncaster VIC 3108
June 21st Redcliffe Leagues Club Qld
June 29th HOT FEST Big Bill with Swanne The Coolie Hotel Coolangatta
June 30th HOT FEST Big Bill with Swanne Townsville Railway Estate
Oct 26th Red-White-Amber & Blues Festival George Harcourt Inn. Canberra.

November Saturday 30th is the Date for our Sydney Harbour Cruise 
Tickets will be available in July | Contact | Join KB's Facebook

Monday, 25 February 2019

Latest News from The Express

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Hello Blogger, hope your having a great day.

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

All is good in my hood and I’m just recovering after a great show at the Coolum Beach Hotel,
An afternoon romp with a full healthy crowd of FunkinRockinBluesters having a ball.
My shout-out is for a show I’m playing in Melbourne on the 2nd of March … "next Saturday"!!!
At the Shoppingtown Hotel Doncaster so I’m trying to get the word out to as many as possible.
It is going to be very special having Mike Rudd’s Spectrum playing on the bill as well.
like we used to do years back.
City Sharps- - - - - -12.00 - 1.00am < <<<Show ends <<
So it’s Us the Kevin Borich Express 10.15 - 11.435pm
Spectrum - - - - - -8.45 - 10.00pm
Kings of Oz - - - - -7.30 - 8.30pm
Little House Godz -6.15 - 7.15pm
The Daydreamers  5.10 - 6.00pm  < Show starts 5.10pm<<
So please spread the word and bring a crew because this is a very
special show with Geoff the promoter willing to continue holding similar Events in the
future that will be great for the "Live Music Scene in Melbourne"
You must support Live Music !!!!!
Keep well !!

Cheers Kevin

Womens and Girls Summer Tops     AUD25.00

Summer Borich fashion as worn by the stars at Cannes Film Festival | Contact | Join KB's Facebook

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Latest News from Kevin's ExpressSydney Harbour Cruise 24th November     AUD65.007:15 DepartureCasino Wharf Pyrmont NSWIncludes KB's 70th Birthday Cake. Please bring your Pay Pal receipt to the cruise departure plank.Womens and Girls Summer Tops     AUD25.00Summer Borich fashion as worn by the stars at Cannes Film Festival

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Hello Blogger, hope your having a great day.

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

Just a short note   to let you know that my Sydney Harbour Cruise is sold Out
But we have another show the following night being Saturday the 1st of December
at this great little Venue in Nth Sydney.
It’s a restaurant only 70 people allowed, SPECIAL GUEST will be
Violin Maestro  Adrian K playing with us.
Check out the link re menu – spread the word!! 

Tickets for My "In your lounge room" show are here so you can choose your Meal
please spread the word.…/kevin-borich-express-in…/108323
Cheers Kevin

Sydney Harbour Cruise 24th November     AUD65.00

7:15 Departure

Casino Wharf Pyrmont NSW

Includes KB's 70th Birthday Cake. Please bring your Pay Pal receipt to the cruise departure plank.

Womens and Girls Summer Tops     AUD25.00

Summer Borich fashion as worn by the stars at Cannes Film Festival | Contact | Join KB's Facebook

Monday, 24 September 2018

20% off Storewide September Discounts

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Hello Blogger, hope your having a great day.

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 20% store-wide sale 

Whoopsie ! what happened – September is almost done and dusted already, God must have accidentally pushed the Fast Forward button, having Santa in a real pickle, busy ironing his red gig suit after having shod all the Reindeer and topped up their booster rockets fuel . . . . Mrs Santa is glad to get outta the house for some peace and quiet,  is out on the Tundra picking those high octane Alaskan Mushrooms for din din . . . yes we’re all in tough times, still, better than no time. 

I hope your time is lovingly adequate in all aspects. My time has left quite a trail now having been axe grinding professionally now for 52 years . . . a flinching thought at that, and the “So what have you achieved” door opens with one’s mind searching for some Awesomeness, and you go “what!!!” and toss the Judge wig off that sneaked up on you. Thankfully sensibility takes hold and gratefulness gives balanced order for a fertile future.
What is important to me aside from Family love & harmony of course is keeping up
future relevance in merit, I feel it's so important for wellbeing & that’s always been & still is my goal. 

So yes I’ve been at the Goal-face - chasing the Gold-vein - Vibrating the Vibrating House studio with some 8 new tracks almost to satisfaction stage. I’m about to send a few to other artist’s to see if they would like to sing on a few for fun, so hopefully I’ll get some positive answers. 

Oh!! The Cruise The Cruise!! .. Not Tom!!! .. My Annual Sydney Harbour Cruise on Friday November 30th – tickets are selling well so make sure you alert your crew and others about it, a fantastic night out on the Best Harbour in the world with its amazing light show and us your personal sound track – be quick - Buy Your Tickets Here
BIG NEWS at my online Store !!!! There is a Special on at the Kevin Borich Express Store  >>>> We have reduced the prices on most items and then on top of this price reduction, we are celebrating with a 20% off all products!!!!!>>>

Check it out Click @ the Kevin Borich Express Store and you must copy this coupon code KBs-BadSanta18 and use at checkout - Offer Ends Tuesday 1st October 2018

Up-Coming Shows -

October Gigs
3pm Sunday 7th The Royale Squadron Yacht Club 578 Royal Esplanade Manly Brisbane Qld 4179
Friday 12th At The Waterfront Hotel Moruya NSW
13th The Beaches Hotel
21st to 28th Rock the Boat Ocean Cruise - a cast of 100’s performing

November Gigs
Friday 30th My Sydney Harbour Cruise > tickets here> Buy Your Tickets Here​

December Gigs
Saturday 1st  Lounge Room intimate show 70 tickets max Buy these Limited Tickets Here
Friday 14th Warners Bay show NSW
Sunday 16th Waterfront Cafe 1860 Pittwater Rd, Church Point NSW 2104

Hope to see you at one near you.

Here are some on the items at the Express store you will receive 20% off

Totem     AUD30.00

Totem - Self Released double album 2015


Totem has two distinct parts to it. The first fourteen tracks tread a heavy-blues road and it’s blistering stuff with funk and attitude aplenty. SoapBoxBitchinBlues slows things down a little five tracks in with a more laidback groove to it but then your back to the scorching guitar riffs for the remainder of this section of the record. There’s funk, boogie and that good down-home honest blues-rock that just refuses to go away and that can only be a good thing.

The second disc hold 3 tracks and are a little different and take a different course. Gone is the harder edged feel, replaced instead by a more blues-jazz tinged outing. The guitar work is still exemplary, but rather than five minute outbursts of energy, we are treated to a more meandering and technical workout. Yes it’s still very clever blues but it’s different.

Totem isn’t some navel gazing exercise in one-upmanship and virtuosity  – it’s vital, fun, clever and rocking! | Contact | Join KB's Facebook