Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Latest News from Kevin's ExpressSydney Harbour Cruise 24th November     AUD65.007:15 DepartureCasino Wharf Pyrmont NSWIncludes KB's 70th Birthday Cake. Please bring your Pay Pal receipt to the cruise departure plank.Womens and Girls Summer Tops     AUD25.00Summer Borich fashion as worn by the stars at Cannes Film Festival

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Hello Blogger, hope your having a great day.

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

Just a short note   to let you know that my Sydney Harbour Cruise is sold Out
But we have another show the following night being Saturday the 1st of December
at this great little Venue in Nth Sydney.
It’s a restaurant only 70 people allowed, SPECIAL GUEST will be
Violin Maestro  Adrian K playing with us.
Check out the link re menu – spread the word!! 

Tickets for My "In your lounge room" show are here so you can choose your Meal
please spread the word.

Cheers Kevin

Sydney Harbour Cruise 24th November     AUD65.00

7:15 Departure

Casino Wharf Pyrmont NSW

Includes KB's 70th Birthday Cake. Please bring your Pay Pal receipt to the cruise departure plank.

Womens and Girls Summer Tops     AUD25.00

Summer Borich fashion as worn by the stars at Cannes Film Festival

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Monday, 24 September 2018

20% off Storewide September Discounts

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Hello Blogger, hope your having a great day.

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 20% store-wide sale 

Whoopsie ! what happened – September is almost done and dusted already, God must have accidentally pushed the Fast Forward button, having Santa in a real pickle, busy ironing his red gig suit after having shod all the Reindeer and topped up their booster rockets fuel . . . . Mrs Santa is glad to get outta the house for some peace and quiet,  is out on the Tundra picking those high octane Alaskan Mushrooms for din din . . . yes we’re all in tough times, still, better than no time. 

I hope your time is lovingly adequate in all aspects. My time has left quite a trail now having been axe grinding professionally now for 52 years . . . a flinching thought at that, and the “So what have you achieved” door opens with one’s mind searching for some Awesomeness, and you go “what!!!” and toss the Judge wig off that sneaked up on you. Thankfully sensibility takes hold and gratefulness gives balanced order for a fertile future.
What is important to me aside from Family love & harmony of course is keeping up
future relevance in merit, I feel it's so important for wellbeing & that’s always been & still is my goal. 

So yes I’ve been at the Goal-face - chasing the Gold-vein - Vibrating the Vibrating House studio with some 8 new tracks almost to satisfaction stage. I’m about to send a few to other artist’s to see if they would like to sing on a few for fun, so hopefully I’ll get some positive answers. 

Oh!! The Cruise The Cruise!! .. Not Tom!!! .. My Annual Sydney Harbour Cruise on Friday November 30th – tickets are selling well so make sure you alert your crew and others about it, a fantastic night out on the Best Harbour in the world with its amazing light show and us your personal sound track – be quick - Buy Your Tickets Here
BIG NEWS at my online Store !!!! There is a Special on at the Kevin Borich Express Store  >>>> We have reduced the prices on most items and then on top of this price reduction, we are celebrating with a 20% off all products!!!!!>>>

Check it out Click @ the Kevin Borich Express Store and you must copy this coupon code KBs-BadSanta18 and use at checkout - Offer Ends Tuesday 1st October 2018

Up-Coming Shows -

October Gigs
3pm Sunday 7th The Royale Squadron Yacht Club 578 Royal Esplanade Manly Brisbane Qld 4179
Friday 12th At The Waterfront Hotel Moruya NSW
13th The Beaches Hotel
21st to 28th Rock the Boat Ocean Cruise - a cast of 100’s performing

November Gigs
Friday 30th My Sydney Harbour Cruise > tickets here> Buy Your Tickets Here​

December Gigs
Saturday 1st  Lounge Room intimate show 70 tickets max Buy these Limited Tickets Here
Friday 14th Warners Bay show NSW
Sunday 16th Waterfront Cafe 1860 Pittwater Rd, Church Point NSW 2104

Hope to see you at one near you.

Here are some on the items at the Express store you will receive 20% off

Totem     AUD30.00

Totem - Self Released double album 2015


Totem has two distinct parts to it. The first fourteen tracks tread a heavy-blues road and it’s blistering stuff with funk and attitude aplenty. SoapBoxBitchinBlues slows things down a little five tracks in with a more laidback groove to it but then your back to the scorching guitar riffs for the remainder of this section of the record. There’s funk, boogie and that good down-home honest blues-rock that just refuses to go away and that can only be a good thing.

The second disc hold 3 tracks and are a little different and take a different course. Gone is the harder edged feel, replaced instead by a more blues-jazz tinged outing. The guitar work is still exemplary, but rather than five minute outbursts of energy, we are treated to a more meandering and technical workout. Yes it’s still very clever blues but it’s different.

Totem isn’t some navel gazing exercise in one-upmanship and virtuosity  – it’s vital, fun, clever and rocking!

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Monday, 2 July 2018

July 2018 Adelaide and Darwin Concert news

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Hello Blogger, hope your having a great day.

Welcome to the July edition of the KB Boogie News 

Hey folks, heres a short update for our Radelaide and Darwin fans with this month's Express gigs hitting Adelaide and Darwin in the central corridor of Australia performing with my son Lucius on drums after his recent COG tour and Chris Gilbert on bass. Hope to see you all there for our Funkin' Rockin' Boogie.

One Show Only
14th July 2018 @ The German Club
223 Flinders Street Adelaide
Tickets Available Here

21st July 2018 @ The Darwin Blues and Roots Festival
Information and Ticketing Here

We will send through a full news letter in the near future

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Latest News from The Express June 2018

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Hello Blogger, I hope all is good in your hood!!

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

 Me, I’ve been taking it easy laying a few tracks down in the studio and doing the domestics around the Keep, keeping up with the extensive lawns etc. which =’s
… like the other day bagging a couple of Banana bunches that are looking like worth saving.

I don’t know if you have bagged a few lately so… if you have the time … I’ll explain.
I know they’re there, way up there un- attacked in the tree, well technically they’re not a tree but that’ll do for now. They are not very climbable specimens  unless you are blessed with a host of Chimpanzee qualities. … So ..

I go get my trusty Tonker Toy for grown ups 4 Wheel drive tractor, which has a front-end loader bucket, and head down to the patch.

Facing up to the bunch which is way up so, I lift the bucket up just under the yellow gold which is still green at this stage, and do the clamber climb up into the bucket where I miraculously fined a Rodent Proof cage –(prepared earlier like one of those cooking shows)

I cut off the spent flower at the bottom of the bunch and then slide the cage up over it fixing it at the top around the stem with those little wire clamps, which have the charming quality of…. “Don’t - Don’t please don’t separate us I want to bring my friends”- just like a barrel of Monkeys. This slows you down getting rid of those hangers on..... (You're  the bouncer at the door)

This then is all done without a net – not on ice but with a parachute .....(imaginary)

So tune in Precisely Approximately when- ever for > “ The Tales of Kevin in Heaven”

Yes we’re hitting the “Again”with the Wonderful Jon Carson Drums & Chris Gilbert bass's,
doing a weekend of shows @

Panthers Club Port Macquarie Friday 1st of June

Tanilba Bay RSL Saturday 2nd of June

Lake Illawarra Hotel" in Windang. – Just South of Wollongong

Shows on the horizon -

The German Club Adelaide  -14th of July
(Poss another show in SA on 15th – tbc)

Darwin Blues Festival  - Saturday 21st of July

The Royal Yacht Club Wynnum Brisbane  -Friday 17th August –Afternoon Blues Barbie

The Gympie muster 25 & 26th August.

Well I hope to see & Entertain you with a Fix of “FunkinRockinBlues”
At one or two of these shows – please spread the word + bring a crew!!!!!!!!

You can also keep unto date with bands in town app which only notifies you when I am in your local region, Its a very cool app https://www.facebook.com/officialkevinborich/app/123966167614127/ 

Cheers n love Kevin

Womens and Girls Summer Tops     AUD36.00

Summer Borich fashion as worn by the stars at Cannes Film Festival

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Monday, 19 February 2018

Latest March News from The Express

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Hi and churr Blogger,  I hope all's well in your space.

Welcome to the March edition of the KB Boogie News 

I have a busy month coming up in March, so thought I send you a note on where we'll be pumping our FunkinRockinBlues and invite you to come and get lost in the music. I just love it when people let themselves go and get up and let the music take their bodies!
March - 2nd is the Girrakool Blues Festival a great event with lots of great talent performing.
March - 3rd is at The Carrington in Katoomba, a show we're putting on ourselves, starting 7.45pm Sharp! Ends 11.50pm so those who want to come & get home by Train is possible - the station is only a very short 3 min walk from the Carrington. Last train, Departs Katoomba station 11.08pm

Save & book show on line

The Baroque @ The Carrington Katoomba     AUD30.00

Doors 7:00pm Saturday 3rd of March 2018

$30 pre-sales $35 at the door - The Baroque @ The Carrington

Funkin Rockin The Blues Mountains. Please bring your Pay Pal receipt as proof of purchase to the door.

.....This is a wonderful Heritage Hotel, built in 1883. So come and enjoy the music in History Soaked surrounds - stay on if you wish and Experience the Katoomba Mountains, a Great Weekend!!

If you need to book accom Phone: (02) 4782 1111 - 15-47 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780
March 4th is at The Hawksbury Hotel Windsor - we did a cracker show there when the Sydney Roots n blues was on. A great Venue to Play our 2 sets.
March 16th The Forth Festival in Forth Tasmania - I'll be part of the Guitar Festival with mates Tim Gaze and Phil Emmanuel Great players & always lots of Fun!!
March 17th - at the Satellite Lounge in the Village Green Hotel Cnr of Springvale Rd and Ferntree Gully Rd, Mulgrave Melbourne ..

Bookings 0402 306 141 - Great to Play Melbourne again at the new venue.
March 18th Musicland Falkner Melbourne Afternoon 3.30pm - 6.45pm
April 7th Rockhampton qld I'm part of the Legends Guitar Festival with  great friends Phil Emmanuel
April 21st Taree NSW the Legends Guitar Festival again.
May 4th at the Caloundra RSL - Coming Down the Mountain from where I live ... it needs a shot of FunkinRockinBlues so we will administer with 2 sets so if you know of anyone who live around that area let them know!!!

Oh and if you don't already have a copy, Here is my remixed La De Das album.

Rock And Roll Sandwich     AUD30.00

This was Kevin's first LP as a three piece band - under the La-De-Da’s brand and has been remastered and self released to all his fans via this website only.

All for now - I Hope to see you soon!!

Cheers Kevin

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Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas Special Edition

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Hello Blogger, The Borich family wish you a very safe Christmas and Holiday period

1973 - The La De Das -  Rock And Roll Sandwich - Remastered

Heya all, Here it is Available NOW on CD to fill your Christmas stockings and some tales from my forth coming book.

Rock And Roll Sandwich     AUD30.00

This was Kevin's first LP as a three piece band - under the La-De-Da’s brand and has been remastered and self released to all his fans via this website only.

I had written some songs with the help of Keith Barber (Drums) and Ronnie Peel (Bass) & we decided to record again so we went into EMI and started, but very soon we found that we didn’t like the sound, it wasn’t like we were on stage – my amps just didn’t sound like they did at Live shows, and neither did the drums. I thought because in those days studios seemed to be dead meaning sound absorption treatment on the walls sucked the life out of amps and Drums. Rod Coe was producing with John Taylor engineering. - continued

We all talked about how we could fix the problem and came up with the logical solution “ Set up like at a live gig” and the “Green Elephant” was a venue [The Doncaster Theatre] that had High Ceilings and a great live sound, so Rod bought the 8 track recorder and JBL Monitors into the Green Elephant and set up in an adjoining room. We just played as we would a live show, not stopping, then after checking each song to see if it was a keeper or not. The result, a great alive sound for Drums, Guitars & Bass. The vocals were done later in EMI B studio along with the Piano track “ No Law Against Having Fun”.

For my first keyboard attempt. I’d come across this old piano and had it in our house at Watson street to learn, but I’d just bang away teaching myself the chord positions and then pretending to be Ray Charles, sometimes with the Sunnies on and appropriate sway, usually at a party and that song grew outta that goofing around.

We were Very happy with how it came out and were lucky to have Renee Geyer & Bobbie Marchini sing backing vocals which was a first. I had seen a young Renee in her early band called Sun and thought she was a honey & totally awesome, we got along just fine and became very good friends still to this day. Other musicians spicing the soup were – Don Wright Sax’s, Joe Whippy on Congas and of course John Taylor engineering & Rod Coe producing.

We really needed another single that would get us on the radio. Our last song wasn’t played enough so we decided to find a 'Radio Friendly' song to record and Keith came up with a then unheard of Check Berry song called “To Pooped Too Pop”. When Keith first played the record for me I didn’t like it at all, but got to see where he was coming from eventually understanding it’s positive qualities. Besides being a great drummer, Keith was a creative ideas man so I took his advise and treated it as a fun tune, which is what it is.

Anyway the damn thing got to number 4 giving us a needed boost so we gladly played it for a long time while it was happening - then stopped. I figure when I’m 75 or 80 when the pipes get clogged, I can play it as a serious autobiographical piece.

We did the Sunbury Festival again in 1975 along with a heap of bands including AC/DC and Deep Purple. We were on before AC/DC who were supposed to play but got into a blue with Purples roadies and told them to get Foocked, so they walked off & didn’t play in protest. After our set, which went over really great as the crowd loved it & we were all on a natural high because of it.

At a point when it felt like the beginnings of “contact”, due to herbs & potions, I had a wander taking in the night canvas above, then, as I was walking by one of the many caravans back stage, one had its door open, I peeked in, it was full of Fender Stratocasters and a guy was tuning them, his back to me, the scene seemed to have a magnetic pull and I stuck my head right in now doing the Wow!! And he saw me. He goes in his UK type accent “ Hi - Ouw was thut jorst uon biffore playin” ‘ I answered -“ That was us – I’m kevin“ – “eer Bluody greet , Richie thoort sou tue - arya pleyin arund tamorra “ – “Yeah at the Hard Rock in Melbourne [ex Berties] , ( I kinda Joked) “Hey tell Richie to come down and have a play with us” – “Ooky ull due thut” After a bit more chat I said seeya and went off thinking, Wow - Richie Blackmore liked us. I forgot all about my invitation and went and sat by myself looking up at the sky in forever wonder until it was time to leave.

The next night at The Hardrock on stage, I see a guy making his way towards us holding up a white Fender Stratocaster high above his head through the tight crowd with a guy with lots of black curly hair in his slip stream ending up on the stage. Yep, it was him --

Womens and Girls Summer Tops     AUD36.00

Summer Borich fashion as worn by the stars at Cannes Film Festival

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