Thursday, 9 May 2019

Added Kevin Borich news 9/5/19

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Hello Blogger, hope your having a great day.

Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

Just a short note to connect, and yes, to put a smile on your face.
Go on... give me one .. ya!! – see, you feel better already.

Things have been a bit slow gig wise, so I've been doing a lot of heave-Hoe work around the house, keeping the bush at bay. it’s always creeping in on us so I have to grab my trusty “Farm Boss” chain saw and repel the intruders to keep the firebreak clear.
Clearing the first veggie patch I made years back was a 3 day affair, being totally overgrown and what a workout it was. My medals for a great job were two ticks, one behind my ear,  the other in my bum.
Being home alone that day, I came up with a new Yoga position to kill that bugger’er  with that trusty “Tick Off” medi Freeze applicator & a pair of tweezers.
So, standing naked, right leg up on the bath edge, magnifying mirror in left hand ,da Freeze bomb in the other, I spied him, arse up enjoying a feast at my expense.
You know,….-  when you are being guided by looking into a mirror, is so like backing a trailer. Kind’a like you have to ignore the logical and do the opposite.
Three squirts of the Bomb and he was in Antarctica, and out via tweezer bouncer.
I’m still a bit deaf…er from the swelling of the other bugger who was feasting behind  my right ear. Last night while recording in the studio the right side of my head phone’s were much quieter than usual.
We have 15 new songs in the bake and I’m very pleased with their outcomes.
Nick my Producer & Logic wiz are enjoying ourselves + having Jon  Carson (drums), Chris  Gilbert (Bass) come and play, as well as Lucius Borich (Drums) & Paris McCloud (Piano), we have a real sonic feast in the waiting for you.
So Bye for now.
Cheers n Love Kevin
Shows Coming Up :
May 18th Blues on Broadbeach -Sofitel Room 81-12pm start – a great closeup atmosphere
May 19th Blues on Broadbeach Main stage 3pm
May 25th Beers Beef & Blues – Belmont NSW
June 2nd  HOT FEST Big Bill with Swanne +The Gov. Hindmarsh Adelaide S.A.
June 8th HOT FEST  Bridge Hotel Big Bill with Swanne Sydney
June 15th HOTFEST  with Swanne The Shoppingtown Hotel Doncaster VIC 3108
June 21st Redcliffe Leagues Club Qld
June 29th HOT FEST Big Bill with Swanne The Coolie Hotel Coolangatta
June 30th HOT FEST Big Bill with Swanne Townsville Railway Estate
Oct 26th Red-White-Amber & Blues Festival George Harcourt Inn. Canberra.

November Saturday 30th is the Date for our Sydney Harbour Cruise 
Tickets will be available in July | Contact | Join KB's Facebook

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