Monday, 18 February 2013

Almost Blown Away

Hi there,
I was on tour in Melbourne when Cyclone Oswald hit our home up in the Maleny Mountains.
I’d been watching the news coverage as it past through Bundaberg reeking allsorts of havoc heading for where my family were so I was worried.  I went to the airport to get on the flight I’d booked, but planes were not landing in Maroochydore & the highway was cut between Brisbane and our place so I stayed with my friends Tyke n Lou .  Never had a cyclone got so far south keeping such intensity. The Phones were dead, we usually have good mobile coverage at home, not now, I couldn’t check to see if things were all ok and the TV coverage now had it passing right over the sunshine coast – our territory. No contact for 3 days – then Millie called – she’d driven to higher ground to receive mobile connection saying over the windy background noise that they had not had power or phones for 4 days & they were taking quite a battering, the worst she’d ever experienced since our move up.
Thankfully they were ok, shaken but great news to me.

I managed to get a flight out the next day and was met by Mill & family at the airport and saw lots of damage that had occurred on the way home, mostly up rooted trees, lots of debris & swollen creeks.
A couple of days & nights still without power were very relaxing with candles a glow and no TV sniping at us .
So It was great to be home, we still had one - unlike some unfortunate folk who we really feel for.

Back to he mission -
My next tour with The Express members - Harry “Thunder Thumb Brus and Paul “ The Feel Dealer” Wheeler is back down to Melbourne to play at The Flying Saucer Club  on Friday the 15th March. A new venue for us so please come and join us enjoy it.

Then on the 16th we fly to Launceston Tasmania to play The Forth Valley Blues festival  should be great – I’ve never done that one, so really looking forward to the experience.

Back to Melbourne Sunday morning the 17th to play an afternoon show at my favorite RSL the Williamstown RSL where we always have a full house – so get there early to find a good spot.

A reminder to check out my shop at - the new Girly singlet’s are selling like hot cakes – a a aand they do look hot !!  And there’s my CD’s DVD’s and T-Shirts.

Thanks for your support – And I hope to see you.

Love n Cheers Kevin

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  1. Glad to hear all are OK. See ya next time your in Syderney mate. T