Sunday, 3 March 2013

Watch Me Get Painted - All Over Now !!

Hi, - - it was a chance meeting - he said "Do you mind ?" I said " How long will it take, I'm on my way home and it’s about a 10 hour drive from here so I can't be waiting around".  -

"Ok then, hang on to your seat - I'll rev it up, - don't be alarmed when all you see is a blur - that'll be me - so I won't keep you long,  just keep as still as you can - OK? "

Intrigued by the thought of a human turning into a blur, I agreed - and this is what I saw happening – Look Here

So what do you think – will it have a chance? - - LOL !!

I’m Ringin' Ma Bell, Like the Town Criers used to do Way Way Way Back –  now we use the internet Ding Dong – I'm Ringin' this Thing!!!

The news being next week on March 15th were playing at the Flying Saucer Club in Melbourne, so wear your Alien dancing shoes and come to be transported in Rhythm -Rhyme and FunkinBluesRock  

On Saturday 16th we’ll be playing at The Forth Valley Blues Festival near Launceston Tasmania.  my first time there so really looking forward to the fun.

Back in the silver winged module on Sunday the 17th to play a Melbourne afternoon show at The Williamstown R SL . That’s always a great crowd, so be early to get a good position.

Then we head back home where I chain myself into “The Bunker” of my Vibrating House Studio and keep cookin' my next dishes up for you – its all the rage you know – Cooking – everywhere on the bloody Tele - people cookin – Bitchy “My Kitchen Rules” etc – introduced false drama galore, it seems that’s a Very important ingredient to keep em viewing.  

Not me - I’m chained in the Bunker wallowing in my on real Drama, its smelling great to my ears, and I’m aiming that it will Tantalize yours and live Comfortably in your Heart of favorites.

I can hear you saying – “Kev, it’s been being a very slow bake ”
Maybe - so but the joy is being instilled & infused with all the intrigue I can muster to fascinate - -. 

Hope to see you at a show.

Love n Cheers Kevin

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