Monday, 15 July 2013

Me Kev flying another Mission - behind the wheel with imaginary wings!

I’m heading South this week – but last Saturday I played a great Protest event with wonderful Passionate people who care for our future, to save our Rivers, land and our children's future –

So I ask you to Join "Lock The Gate Alliance" >

I saw Methane gas bubbling up through the Condamine river -Due to the fraking that is Coal Seam Gas Mining - Our governments are making money out of the devastation that is in escalating progress - without a care about the aftermath –

Our politicians are a disgrace!! - Speak up - think of your children's future - join the Lock the Gate Alliance - this stupidity must be stopped !!!

Other Musicians were Ash Gundwell - Reg Mombassa and his band and many more. >

Australians working together to protect our land, our water and our future.

This weekends Mission – is self of preservation - playing shows.

July 18 Thursday night at   an intimate Solo show starting at 7.30pm.

July 19th Friday - 7 Mawson Close Caves Beach NSW 2281  - With Harry “Thunder Thumb” Brus & Paul Wheeler “The Feel Dealer” in my Express –

 Support – The Dai Pritchard Band – start.

July 20th Saturday -   1058 Pittwater Rd Collaroy NSW

2097 - With Harry “Thunder Thumb” Brus & Paul Wheeler “The Feel Dealer” in my Express – Two Sets.

July 21st Sunday -  115a Cronulla st. Cronulla NSW 2230 – With Harry “Thunder Thumb” Brus & Paul Wheeler “The Feel Dealer” Two Sets.

Hope to see you – Crew needed for Sailing the Sydney Harbour High seas – we sail on November the 29th details will be on

Come see what you can have on -

Where my recorded & DVD’d  “FunkinBluesRock” Lives + Other

Cheers n Love Kevin

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