Sunday, 9 June 2013

News - Deep Diving 10/6/13

In Jakarta
 "What Have You Been Doing?" - You may ask? - answer>

Well - I've been doing 30 dives at 14 Fathoms!! 
Yes you heard right - no Bull!! - Why? - Because the radiation from my cancer treatment burned out my saliva glands = No saliva = decaying teeth, and I mean – Get on to it now !!

I require Hyperbaric Treatment before surgery to eliminate the possibility of contracting a disease of the jawbone called Osteoradionecrosis, which is caused by radiated bone being exposed to the atmosphere - Very Nasty!!! -- jawbone rots and its very ugly stuff, not good look!!
 SO they're going to have to do it in stages to make sure the gums heal.

 I have had 30 treatments in the Wesley Hospital Brisbane. Having to drive into Bris 1 hr 40 min., then back home, 5 days a week to get into a chamber with 8 other lovely oldies in different shades of decay, - sit reading / meditating for two hours - digesting Hi potency oxygen while wearing a space type helmet at 14 fathoms. Simulated of course! - Amazing - weird and many other feelings!

 – No fish or tentacles at the portholes unfortunately – {I did suggest they add some such aesthetics for our entertainment - [got funny looks]}. -  It was great meeting older folk from many different walks of life, and we actually bonded in a very short time – a most enjoyable experience from those lovely people, Nurses & Staff.

After this treatment I've noticed my beard is growing back where the radiation had stopped my sideburns from growing. whoopie!! -----so it’s working on me. --- Elvis impersonations are back on the agenda!!

All very trying and complicated but needs to be done – I mean - I don’t want to be the Gummy Guitarist.
TOO much information? – Well I’ve had not much time for anything else - so that’s what’s been happening. 
 But !!- I do get to play the Great Jimi Hendrix Show this weekend in Melbourne with a bunch of Great Players on the 14th of June coming at The Palms at Crown.

Then 2 Hendrix shows in July -5th at the Factory Theater - and 6th at the Concourse in Sydney.
I hope you will come and Celebrate The Great Jimi Hendrix's works of art with us who were all inspired buy his Great Creative Spirit!

Cheers Kevin

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