Wednesday, 15 July 2020

KB Boogie News July 2020

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Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

Hi Blogger, I hope all is well with you and yours !

It’s like we’re in that movie I saw once, I think Dustin Hoffman was in it fighting to save 
the world from a Pandemic, very weird.

“What do you say to Break the Ice, I know its happened to me more than twice”

Oh !!... that b the opening chorus line  to my "Call a Friend” song I  released  featuring Russell 
Morris singing tag team style with me, and a wow, I heard it on Brisbane's ABC radio the other day while driving. … So I ask have you heard it on some station anywhere??.. would be nice to know, when, where & what station please, that will show me the ones that support my music.

Well….. the ice has melted now, we're playing a DRIVE -IN Concert  at our local Maleny Show Grounds on the 18th of July.
They’ll have a huge screen and the sound will be sent to the Car's radio’s,  so we’re really looking forward to having a play at last. There will be 4 bands starting at 5pm till 9 -Vix & The  Hot Chicks - The Spirit Blues Band - Accidentally on Purpose and us, The Kevin Borich Express!!
If you are in Queensland or northern NSW it’s going to be a unique experience, I remember going to the drive in movies a couple of times way back, we never had them in NZ.

Ticket link is - 
I’ve been doing some streaming on Face Book to keep my musical ball bouncing and to see how 
it goes,  I did a couple that you can still see on FB, doing another on a Sunday in a couple of weeks.

Had great response and they went really well with  thousands of  watchers, some asking 
questions that I answered - the internet dropped out in the second one and we had to
wait till it hooked up again.. funny as!… All due to our snail pace internet up here.

Thanks to those who have been buying stuff off of my shop. 
That's been most helpful as it looks like live event entertainment will be the last they unlock-down.

Oh yes I must ask again if you haven’t already >> Please ?? subscribe to my YouTube channel!!!! Here - KB YouTube Channel - need a thousand to get it up and running properly, spread the word please.

Here some good info -  re the bio industries what an eyeopener this is!!

Cheers Kevin

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My Son Lucius had some time off from touring with the Band COG back in 2007 so we thought it would be great to do a show together, with our old friend Harry Brus on Bass at Sydney’s Basement Club.

Lucius has grown up hearing my songs, so it was easy to get together and have a blast with a lot of musician friends there to witness it – thanks guys! [Look out for Rose Tattoo lads Angry Anderson's head and Mick Cox's nose in the shadows]

Unbeknown to me, Clayton Doley was there playing with Alien Zoo, opening the night – so I invited him to Jam - we quickly talked through a couple of songs -- and he was fantastic! – as Doley’s are!!

THEN ! Another complete surprise to me was Leo Sayer getting up with us. Harry plays with Leo and invited him up on stage. What a great way to meet a great artist!! I hope you enjoy the show – We sure did!! Love n Cheers Kevin

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