Sunday, 3 May 2020

KB Giveaways and Lockdown Competitions

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Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

Ahoy Blogger,

Featured this week - Competitions, Live Q & A and other free stuff.

I hope you are doing well in this O so different environment. It's like our Human Race is in for a lengthy “Pitt Stop” so best to try and make something of it.

With that mindset …Plenty to do…. all those things I said I’d do but didn’t do .. now some done. But there’s More?... darling lets paint the lounge room? .. paint the decks..yes dear? etc. So it’s actually been great to get a bit up to speed in that domain.

Right through this COVID-19 disruption I am giving away a FREE copy of my album Heart Starter with every CD sale from my website at So buy any other CD and get your copy of Heart Starter posted out with your purchase free.
All you need to do is SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel. As mentioned on my Facebook Live, once we hit 1000 subscribers, I will randomly pick one lucky winner! This collection includes the limited edition CD of ‘Call a Friend’ featuring Russell Morris. Click on the link to my YouTube Channel , SUBSCRIBE and you will be in the running to WIN my signed CD’s!

This weeks feature video is Shy Boys Shy Girls - on  Countdown with Kerry Jacobson Drums - and Michael Deep - Bass - 

Wow folks, last night we streamed a Live Kevin Borich Q & A video on Facebook and we had 7000 people join us. Here is a link to last nights video Click Here to view on FB and next Sunday May 10th at 7pm EST (Mothers Day), log into my Facebook channel to join us for the next instalment and I will be waiting to answer your questions in regards to my career and life in general at

My “Call a Friend” song with Russell Morris has been getting airplay and I’ve done quite a few interviews on different radio stations to help get it out there and it seems to have gained even more relevance with this lock down due to the you know what.

I’m spending some time in the studio pretending that I’m doing shows over the weekend to keep my hand and brain in order re performance, so I can keep match fit, yoga is on the menu as well.

Hang in and take good Care Cheers n Love Kevin

I found some in depth info re the Corona Virus via "The Epoch Times" news paper which was founded in the USA in 2000 by some Chinese people who had fled communism, seeking to create an independent truthful uncensored media view on what really happens over there. it is long, but a very comprehensive view that is very worth viewing.

I’ll get back to you soon and if you have any suggestions let me know????

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My Son Lucius had some time off from touring with the Band COG back in 2007 so we thought it would be great to do a show together, with our old friend Harry Brus on Bass at Sydney’s Basement Club.

Lucius has grown up hearing my songs, so it was easy to get together and have a blast with a lot of musician friends there to witness it – thanks guys! [Look out for Rose Tattoo lads Angry Anderson's head and Mick Cox's nose in the shadows]

Unbeknown to me, Clayton Doley was there playing with Alien Zoo, opening the night – so I invited him to Jam - we quickly talked through a couple of songs -- and he was fantastic! – as Doley’s are!!

THEN ! Another complete surprise to me was Leo Sayer getting up with us. Harry plays with Leo and invited him up on stage. What a great way to meet a great artist!! I hope you enjoy the show – We sure did!! Love n Cheers Kevin

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