Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Hello 2020 Kevin Borich News

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Welcome to this edition of the KB Boogie News 

Hi Blogger, I hope your world is going well.

I hope all is well with you in these very trying times where a lot of us are facing, or have faced, the fire factor all over Australia…….. my Condolences to you if you have suffered in anyway, we have been Lucky so far here in our bush setting, dry as as…. watering my fruit trees by hand with the hose like a military nurse.

Yes…. and now, as always, we do what we have to do.…. In  my case it’s to focus on my tour coming up.

I’m playing a rare Solo show January Friday 17th with my special guest the amazing Adrian Keating on Violin. He is a master and leads The Sydney Lyric Orchestra for the annual “All you Need is Love” Beatles concert in January at the Sydney Opera House. He also plays with Geoff Achison and has worked with Jimmy Barnes, Grinspoon, The Hoodoo Gurus to name a few. 

I’ll be in Solo mode with Adrian improvising with me as we free fly our way through different and some new material, so it will bea lot of  "seat of pants fun!!"

January Shows

Friday 17th - W/- Adrian Keating - The Venue is StreetMarket Asian Tapas Restaurant 116 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest. A small and intimate only 70 people best to book with Alan now! 02 8540 5535...

Then I move on to Melbourne and play shows with my Express Jon Carson (drums & vocals) Chris Gilbert (bass & vocals)

Friday 24th - The Westernport Hotel San Remo - 

Saturday 25th - The Memo Hall St Kilda - Memo Hall website for tickets

Sunday - Way Out West Newport Bowls Club -  book on their website

My “Call a Friend” Song will be released streaming on February 21st - Russell Morris is singing with me tag team style on it - he’s so cool, said  “Sure kev” when I asked him if he  would. lol !!… and what a great vocal. This song is the first of many that are to be my Duet Album, releasing a new song every 3 months or so with different artists guesting on each song. Check Out Call A Friend on your streaming service on February

MGM are doing the release, so it’ll be on Spotify and all those platforms that do that new distribution Streaming. Yes  .. I’m having to go “Kicking & Screaming into the Future” cause that's what is now… making a Wowza .0004 of a cent a play. But I will be compiling a CD with them all on in the future.

So plenty brewing!!! - I  hope to see you at a show in 2020 soon!

Cheers n Love - kevin

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My Son Lucius had some time off from touring with the Band COG back in 2007 so we thought it would be great to do a show together, with our old friend Harry Brus on Bass at Sydney’s Basement Club.

Lucius has grown up hearing my songs, so it was easy to get together and have a blast with a lot of musician friends there to witness it – thanks guys! [Look out for Rose Tattoo lads Angry Anderson's head and Mick Cox's nose in the shadows]

Unbeknown to me, Clayton Doley was there playing with Alien Zoo, opening the night – so I invited him to Jam - we quickly talked through a couple of songs -- and he was fantastic! – as Doley’s are!!

THEN ! Another complete surprise to me was Leo Sayer getting up with us. Harry plays with Leo and invited him up on stage. What a great way to meet a great artist!! I hope you enjoy the show – We sure did!! Love n Cheers Kevin

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