Monday, June 1, 2015

Kevin Borich video single ‘Strong Hold’ on YouTube

Media Release
Kevin Borich ‘Totem’ Album in all electronic music stores – June 3rd 2015
Supported with the video single ‘Strong Hold’ on YouTube

With a professional Musical Career spanning 45 years that includes founding New Zealand’s hit band La De Da’s and Australia’s The Party Boys is a quintessential stalwart in the rock and blues industry of the region and is launching his inaugural iTune / Spotify / emusic album ‘Totem’ June 2nd 2015.

Disc 1 of Totem delivers fourteen tracks ranging from acoustic slow blues into lustful funk and boogie and into belting sublime rock. An all-original work that was for the most part written over a nine-year period during which time Kevin fought and defeated cancer. Following his passion for inspiration, Borich continued to write music, perform and tour in between chemo and treatment. Thought provoking human condition prevails throughout the lyrics of these works. And though political slants slash at current issues, his hard hitting, groove blues-rock seldom breaks its trend of feel good, tongue-in-cheek fun. The album finishes with a modern re-incarnation of his hit ‘Gonna See My Baby Tonight’.

The 3rd track and video single Strong Hold is a testament to Borich’s life, his dedication to performing music throughout and by no means least, the love of family. The closest folks that stand by you, and with you, and never give up on you, from creation to the other-side, of which we are all somewhere in-between, these people are ones strong hold.

Disc 2 is a bonus disc of shear musical extravagance as only a musician of this calibre can deliver.  The leading track titled “The Love Train” is an emotionally charged Stratocaster cry baby instrumental searching & reaching for it.... and that.

Motif - [I Cried For You] – is very unique, never done before work that rolls to a throbbing blues feel. Clean wails & doom fuzz exploit emotional meanings revealed in mosaic. The last track is a sound scape solo guitar journey of information with salute.

We invite reviews of these works and spread of the news. Kevin Borich Facebook or Tweet @kevinborich

Borich’s parting question to you on the liner notes of the album  “Think Something Of It” So, what will you think?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NEW CD - "TOTEM" Album Available.

Hi - I just want to thank all of you who have purchased TOTEM so quickly - I'm a traveling 
office posting TOTEMS as I go.

I've had some great feedback - DJ Neil Rogers Triple R in Melbourne "Loves It" and is playing
tracks - so I hope to get a few more on side to get my tracks on air for "Virgin-ears" out there
in radio-land.

TOTEM is available here at my website - Buy Now

Once again - Thanks for all your support !!

Love n Cheers Kevin

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Day time Cruisin - Sydney Harbour
Here's a chance to see the beautiful Sydney Harbour in the light of day!

With the Kevin Borich Express !!

Tickets are $60 per person - Available on the homepage


Saturday 15th March 2014

Passengers Pickup at Pyrmont Bay Wharf,
near the Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour.
You will need to get to the wharf at 11.45am
ready for 12noon departure - 4pm disembark 
Parking available at the Casino.

We've done plenty of these at night so this one is a special treat in the daytime.
my email is -
Cheers kevin

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Sydney Harbour Cruise - In the Afternoon!

Cruise Date is Saturday 15th of March 

There are only 75 tickets available because the rest have been sold to a Social Club.

Tickets are $60 Each - Cruising Sydney Harbour with The Kevin Borich Express

and finger food nibbles.

Spread the Word - Tickets will be available on this Home page soon

cheers kevin

Monday, July 15, 2013

Me Kev flying another Mission - behind the wheel with imaginary wings!

I’m heading South this week – but last Saturday I played a great Protest event with wonderful Passionate people who care for our future, to save our Rivers, land and our children's future –

So I ask you to Join "Lock The Gate Alliance" >

I saw Methane gas bubbling up through the Condamine river -Due to the fraking that is Coal Seam Gas Mining - Our governments are making money out of the devastation that is in escalating progress - without a care about the aftermath –

Our politicians are a disgrace!! - Speak up - think of your children's future - join the Lock the Gate Alliance - this stupidity must be stopped !!!

Other Musicians were Ash Gundwell - Reg Mombassa and his band and many more. >

Australians working together to protect our land, our water and our future.

This weekends Mission – is self of preservation - playing shows.

July 18 Thursday night at   an intimate Solo show starting at 7.30pm.

July 19th Friday - 7 Mawson Close Caves Beach NSW 2281  - With Harry “Thunder Thumb” Brus & Paul Wheeler “The Feel Dealer” in my Express –

 Support – The Dai Pritchard Band – start.

July 20th Saturday -   1058 Pittwater Rd Collaroy NSW

2097 - With Harry “Thunder Thumb” Brus & Paul Wheeler “The Feel Dealer” in my Express – Two Sets.

July 21st Sunday -  115a Cronulla st. Cronulla NSW 2230 – With Harry “Thunder Thumb” Brus & Paul Wheeler “The Feel Dealer” Two Sets.

Hope to see you – Crew needed for Sailing the Sydney Harbour High seas – we sail on November the 29th details will be on

Come see what you can have on -

Where my recorded & DVD’d  “FunkinBluesRock” Lives + Other

Cheers n Love Kevin

Sunday, June 9, 2013

News - Deep Diving 10/6/13

In Jakarta
 "What Have You Been Doing?" - You may ask? - answer>

Well - I've been doing 30 dives at 14 Fathoms!! 
Yes you heard right - no Bull!! - Why? - Because the radiation from my cancer treatment burned out my saliva glands = No saliva = decaying teeth, and I mean – Get on to it now !!

I require Hyperbaric Treatment before surgery to eliminate the possibility of contracting a disease of the jawbone called Osteoradionecrosis, which is caused by radiated bone being exposed to the atmosphere - Very Nasty!!! -- jawbone rots and its very ugly stuff, not good look!!
 SO they're going to have to do it in stages to make sure the gums heal.

 I have had 30 treatments in the Wesley Hospital Brisbane. Having to drive into Bris 1 hr 40 min., then back home, 5 days a week to get into a chamber with 8 other lovely oldies in different shades of decay, - sit reading / meditating for two hours - digesting Hi potency oxygen while wearing a space type helmet at 14 fathoms. Simulated of course! - Amazing - weird and many other feelings!

 – No fish or tentacles at the portholes unfortunately – {I did suggest they add some such aesthetics for our entertainment - [got funny looks]}. -  It was great meeting older folk from many different walks of life, and we actually bonded in a very short time – a most enjoyable experience from those lovely people, Nurses & Staff.

After this treatment I've noticed my beard is growing back where the radiation had stopped my sideburns from growing. whoopie!! -----so it’s working on me. --- Elvis impersonations are back on the agenda!!

All very trying and complicated but needs to be done – I mean - I don’t want to be the Gummy Guitarist.
TOO much information? – Well I’ve had not much time for anything else - so that’s what’s been happening. 
 But !!- I do get to play the Great Jimi Hendrix Show this weekend in Melbourne with a bunch of Great Players on the 14th of June coming at The Palms at Crown.

Then 2 Hendrix shows in July -5th at the Factory Theater - and 6th at the Concourse in Sydney.
I hope you will come and Celebrate The Great Jimi Hendrix's works of art with us who were all inspired buy his Great Creative Spirit!

Cheers Kevin